Saturday, October 9, 2010

Half-Life DC - First Impressions

Ok, so after buying a Dreamcast, I found out that Half-Life (Valve's debut game) Was actually in the works for DC.

Unfortunately, Weeks before its release, Sega pulled out on Dreamcast...

And, unfortunately, so did Valve.

But Wait!

The game actually had a fully functional Beta, with a few glitches, yes, but it was a fully working beta of Half-Life, as well as one of its expansions, Blue Shift!

Proof is right here.

Now then, somehow, someone got a copy of the game, and Leaked it to the internet

So, if you download the file, use a program called DiscJuggler, burn the file to a CD, and pop it in your DC...

You have a fully working copy of Half-Life Dreamcast!

As well as Half-Life: Blue Shift!

Issues with the game.
There are some very slight framerate issues, making the game run slightly slower at some points. Also, when going from one area to another, the loading times are astronomical, taking the Opening Sequence from only 10 minutes to about 15.

But it's worth it.

Some also complain about the controls. Personally, I think the controls are pretty good. Analog stick to control range of vision, Y to move forward, A to move back, B to move right, and X to move left. D-Pad right allows you to interact with stuff, D-Pad up is jump, D-Pad Left is flashlight, and D-pad down (I think) has no function. Right Trigger is Primary Weapon Function, while Left has no purpose. However, Right and Left trigger is Alternate Weapon Function.(If I got any of the controls wrong, please notify me, and I'll fix them asap.)
The game can be downloaded from a number of sources here.

I do want to note that downloading games like this is illegal in most circumstances. (Such as if you download Sonic Adventure 2 and burn it to a disc just to avoid having to pay for the game) However, I believe that the download of this game is completely legal, under the following circumstances.

1. You are not using the game for personal gain (EX: Selling on eBay as the only existing copy of the game. It's Fraud, and anyone who uses Google can figure out that you're a fake. And if you DO succeed, and sell the game for thousands of dollars, if it gets to someone who has any relations with Valve, they will be able to recognize it as a fake)
2. You aren't using the game in public. (Meaning that, you aren't showcasing the game as the only copy of Half-Life. Again, fraud)
3. You aren't purchasing the game. (Guy you bought it from is a fraud. Don't know how this would threaten you in any way, but it is benefiting a liar.)

Initial Rating: 10/10

The game is excellent, and although its age shows clearly, I'm taking into consideration that this was amazing in terms of graphics back in 2000. I'm not taking the loading times into consideration, because how can you expect fast loading from a system whose normal discs have the game on only one area of the disc, and whose drive operates at only 12X speed?

Final review will come in about a month, or until I complete both Half-Life and Blue Shift, whichever comes first.

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